All about FSG Online Shop’s home essentials

Home essentials are the most important items you need to make your home as comfortable to live in as possible. Some of these items include house plants and pieces of furniture which can conveniently be bought online and delivered straight to your home.

If you have your own place, you’d already have all kinds of furniture and decor laid out in your living room so it’s time to focus on the kitchen and the bathroom next. Good thing there’s FSG Online Shop to help you out!

Kitchen essentials available on FSG Online Shop

Cooking can be a messy and tedious process, but FSG Online Shop has some of the best products you will need to make your meal preparations easier:


Most households have two or three knives at their disposal but most chefs recommend having more than that for various purposes. The chef’s knife is the most common kitchen knife available and is used for chopping meat, fruits, and vegetables. There are also large cleavers for heavy pieces of protein and small knives to peel or trim certain ingredients.

Chopping board

Chopping boards are made of either wood, silicone, or plastic. Chefs recommend having multiple chopping knives in your kitchen to prevent cross-contamination. Colour-coding your boards based on what kind of food can be placed there can also help.


Spatulas are the main utensil used while cooking most meals. They can be either made of metal, wood, or silicone but they all serve the same purpose of mixing and scraping food in a saucepan or flipping food in a frying pan. Wood and silicone spatulas are recommended for non-stick cookware.

Measuring spoons and cups

Measuring spoons and cups are recommended for people who want to learn exactly how much of a certain ingredient should be put in the food they are preparing. Measuring spoons display the measurements either in millilitres, teaspoons, or tablespoons. Measuring cups, meanwhile, can be a set of plastic cups that have specific measurements or a glass cup with markings.


A whisk is used for mixing ingredients, incorporating air into a mixture, or both. Whisks can either be made of metal or plastic and they come in various shapes and sizes. However, the most common type of whisk is the balloon-shaped one consisting of loops of thin wire. There are also different whisks that serve as attachments to an electric mixer.

Mixing bowl

Mixing bowls also come in different sizes depending on how much of a certain meal you will be cooking. These bowls are either made of glass, stainless steel, or ceramic. Small mixing bowls are commonly used for eggs and small quantities of ingredients while larger bowls are commonly used for dry ingredients and tossing salads.

Kitchen tongs

Tongs are used for handling hot foods. It is used as a replacement for a spatula when flipping pan seared or pan fried food, for extracting food from boiling water, or for grabbing cooked food from an oven. There are also tongs that can be used to serve pasta or salad. Small tongs that grab ice cubes for drinks are also available.


Ladles are used to scoop some soup or sauce from a pot. Some cooks also use a ladle while cooking stews and poaching eggs. Just like spatulas, ladles come in different materials such as stainless steel, resin, and bamboo. Some ladles have pinches on both sides of the basin for easier pouring of liquids.

Non-stick pans

Your kitchen wouldn’t be complete without non-stick pans. These pans are used for handling delicate food that would stick to any other pan such as seafood, crepes, or eggs. Non-stick pans are coated with polytetrafluoroethylene, a compound more commonly known as Teflon. Do not heat these pans above 260°C as the Teflon will break down and release toxic chemicals.

Toilet and bath essentials available on FSG Online Shop

Taking care of yourself means more than just eating right, which is why FSG Online Shop is also offering several products that will increase the comfort factor when bathing or relieving yourself:


Different kinds of shampoo are available at FSG Online Shop. Whether you need an anti-dandruff treatment or something that’s friendly to your hair colour, FSG Online Shop’s listings will always have them. Keep an eye out for their listings for the latest updates, the shop may just have what you really need.


The other half of hair care should be a part of your toiletry shelf if you want to maximise your personal care. Conditioners reduce friction between your hair strands, making them easier to brush or comb. If you want conditioners that remain on your hair or those that can be sprayed, FSG Online Shop also has those.

Bath soap

Bath soaps serve other functions aside from cleansing your body. Freshen up with whatever scent you prefer and enjoy some of your favourite soap’s lasting effects, be it whitening or cooling. Don’t be afraid of trying out different brands or variants of bath soap to see which one you like best.


Antiperspirants and deodorants are not to be confused with each other. The former is considered a drug due to how it affects bodily functions while the latter is only used for cosmetic purposes. Use an antiperspirant if you plan to be outside the home for a long time or before you undergo some physical activity. Deodorants are meant for special occasions.


When it comes to taking care of your teeth, the right kind of toothpaste can work wonders for you. Prevent cavities from forming inside your teeth and harmful bacteria from spreading inside your mouth by choosing a toothpaste that boosts your teeth’s strength and brushing at the right angles.

Toilet paper

The all-important part of the toilet, this roll of absorbent paper is at the top of the shopping list when it comes to bathroom essentials. Toilet paper is either made from pulpwood, sugarcane, or bamboo and decomposes quickly in the septic tank. Feel free to choose the roll length and the sheet ply you prefer.

Tips in buying home essentials

FSG Online Shop isn’t just here to offer you the best kitchen and bathroom essentials but also to provide you with some helpful tips on how to choose the best products for you:

  • Buy kitchen utensils that are packed in a set. Kitchen essentials that are individually packed are generally more expensive than those that are part of a set. Generally, utensils that are sold in sets include whisks, ladles, spatulas, and measuring spoons or cups.
  • Look for the best materials for your utensils. To extend the longevity of your utensils, proper use, storage, and maintenance are required. However, if your utensils’ materials aren’t that strong, maintaining them is just a waste of time. Your kitchen essentials should still be safe for food after multiple uses and washes.
  • Learn how to use and maintain your kitchen utensils properly. Chef’s knives and non-stick cookware are the most common victims of misuse in the kitchen. Even if the chef’s knife is a multi-purpose knife, it cannot be used to peel small fruits or chop large pieces of meat with bones intact. Non-stick pans, meanwhile, must not be used with steel spatulas.
  • Choose utensils that are easy to clean. Make your life easier while in the kitchen by choosing utensils that only need some dishwashing soap and water before being reused. Try checking the packaging for cleaning instructions as well.
  • Know your skin type before buying personal care products. Skin sensitivity and allergies lead some companies to introduce special variants of bath soaps and lotions. Make sure you check the label and list of ingredients before you make your purchase.
  • Be wary of products that claim to be ‘organic’. Not all natural ingredients are good for you, which is why you have to check the list of ingredients for any chemicals that might have a negative effect on your skin or teeth.
  • Do not be brand conscious. Just because a brand is popular doesn’t mean it will have the same effects on your body as those who claim its effectiveness. If you have a preferred brand because it works on your body, it’s okay. But if you want to try other brands, do not use popularity as a basis.
  • Know that some personal care products expire after some time. While companies aren’t required to put expiry dates on personal care products, their quality could still deteriorate after a few years. If you are shopping online, you may ask for the manufacturing date of the products currently in stock so you can be sure it is safe to use.

Sorting out your kitchen and bathroom essentials can be done in the comfort of your own home, saving you time, money, and energy from going to the supermarket. Keep checking out FSG Online Shop for updates on its listings and the best quality goods around!

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