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They say self-love is the best form of love, and what better way to show this than to take care of your body? Eating healthily and exercising are two things that come to mind when talking about taking care of oneself. Another way to show self-love is to keep the external parts of your body clean and healthy.

What are personal care products?

Personal care refers to how you look after your body other than eating and exercising. This includes bathing, moisturising your skin, and applying antiperspirant. Using that definition, personal care products are products that you use to clean your body and clothes.

Personal care products available at FSG Online Shop

Personal care products are always on your shopping list even when you don’t think you’d be running out of soap or something else. However, stocking up on personal care products could take up a huge space in your shopping basket. Fortunately, online grocery shopping is the new norm these days, so you can head to FSG Online Shop for the best personal care products around!


There is a wide variety of shampoos to choose from, depending on what your hair needs. For example, if you are struggling with dandruff, you can buy a shampoo that addresses your problem. There is also a shampoo that doesn’t compromise the colour of your hair, and one that’s gentle for people with skin allergies.


A conditioner is what you add after applying some shampoo. This reduces friction between your hair strands, allowing your hair to be more manageable when it is being brushed. Conditioners can come in viscous liquids or sprays. They can either be rinsed off or left on, too. There are also conditioners that you can apply before you have some shampoo.


Moisturisers are chemicals that hydrate your skin and protect it from drying up. There are moisturisers that also whiten your skin to balance out your skin tone. There are also some that reduce the effects of skin ageing. Make sure you know your skin type before buying a moisturiser to maximise its effectiveness.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

The most basic form of oral hygiene is by brushing your teeth at least after every meal. The chemicals in the toothpaste prevent plaque and cavities from forming. By brushing your teeth using certain types of toothpaste, you can even get rid of bacteria and keep your sensitive teeth healthy through its plant extracts and essential oils.


A mouthwash is a chemical used to rinse the inside of your mouth. Unlike brushing, gargling a mouthwash all over the inside of your mouth allows it to reach the spaces between your teeth as well as beneath your tongue. Most people use a mouthwash to freshen their breath while others gargle it to prevent tooth decay.

Razor and shaving cream

More common among men, the razor and shaving cream are for those who want to get rid of their unsightly patches of facial hair or even for those who want to change their look by removing their beard. Shaving cream is lathered across the area to be shaved before letting the razor glide smoothly through the skin, removing the hair.


Antiperspirants are chemicals that block the pores of the underarms, preventing sweat and body odour from coming out. Deodorants also prevent body odour but they don’t prevent sweating. Some deodorants can have whitening or cleansing effects on the underarms. The different scents of deodorants make them a cosmetic while antiperspirants are classified as a drug.


Lotions are topical chemicals that serve different purposes. When most people think of lotion, they probably think of skin care routine, but some people apply certain types of lotion on their skin because of an underlying skin condition. There are also lotions that protect the skin from harmful elements such as excessive UV radiation from the sun and mosquito bites.


A cologne or perfume is a mixture of aromatic compounds and essential oils sprayed on certain parts of the body to make the wearer smell good. Colognes and perfumes of different scents are available in different price points, depending on the aromatic notes mixed. Some fashion stylists recommend certain scents on different times of the day.


A soap is a salt of a fatty acid that is used for cleansing the body. Soaps that are made for human use break down particles of dirt and the proteins of microorganisms that stick to the skin, allowing you to wash them all away while bathing.

Baby powder

Baby powder is made from either talcum powder or cornstarch with some fragrances added to it. The reason why it is called baby powder is because it is mainly used to prevent diaper rash. Since different fragrances can now be incorporated into baby powder, it can also be used for cosmetic purposes, just like a deodorant.

Toilet paper

The staple among toilets around the world, the trusty toilet paper is used mainly for wiping the area between your legs after you relieve yourself. Some women use it to wipe off menstrual discharge while others use it to perform pranks. Toilet paper has varying strength levels depending on how thick a sheet is.

Facial cleanser

A facial cleanser is a treatment you wipe all over your face just before going to bed. This personal care product removes dead skin cells, oil, sweat, and contaminants that might have stuck to your face earlier in the day. Facial cleansers also clean up clogged pores, preventing acne.

Tips for choosing the best personal care products

The previous list may already be enough to make your shopping list long, but you can’t just look at which brand is the most popular and add it to your cart. Here are some tips on how to shop for personal care products:

  • Know your skin type. If you have any skin condition, you have to take it into consideration when choosing which skin care products to buy. Same thing applies if you have sensitive skin or allergies.
  • Beware of the ‘organic’ label. Some companies use the term ‘organic’ on its label even when the product has no natural ingredients. Also, just because a product has natural ingredients doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Skin allergies could still be triggered by naturally-occurring chemicals.
  • Choose antiperspirant over deodorant on most occasions. Remember that deodorant only makes your underarms smell good above everything else. If you want a long-term solution against body odour, plug your armpit pores with some antiperspirant.
  • Know how sensitive your teeth are before buying a toothpaste. Protecting your teeth is one of the basics of oral health, and the right toothpaste can do that for you. For sensitive teeth, look for potassium nitrate or strontium chloride on the list of ingredients.

Personal care fails

To further assist you with your shopping at FSG Online Shop, here are some personal care products you have to avoid:

  • Face wipes. Most people use them as the go-to for removing make-up and/or cleansing the face. Properly cleaning your face takes more than just wiping it with a wet towel. Also, face wipes cause friction on the skin if you wipe too hard. Not to mention, the material used for face wipes do not decompose easily, so not only are you harming your face, you’re also harming the entire planet.
  • Pore strips. Blackheads are annoying, which is why they must be dealt with by all means necessary, right? Not this time. Pore strips, just like face wipes, can cause tearing of the skin. Using such products can make sensitive skin even more susceptible to irritation.
  • Charcoal peel-off masks. While it is true that charcoal can remove dirt from your pores, it can also cause the good skin cells to get ripped off your face when you remove the mask.
  • Skin care products that have synthetic fragrances. It might be pleasing to the nose for some people, but the chemicals in synthetic fragrances may cause asthma and hormonal disruptions.
  • Products that have mineral oil. Mineral oil, when applied to the skin, may coat the skin and clog the pores. This can interfere with the cleansing process of the skin and could lead to buildup that causes acne. It could also contain carcinogenic chemicals since it is a by-product of petroleum.

Your skin is your body’s first line of defence, which is why keeping it healthy through some personal care products is important. Your hair and nails also keep your body safe and boosts your overall look. Look after them as often as you look after your skin and your body will reward you back. Don’t forget to brush and floss your teeth every day too!

Keep checking out FSG Online Shop’s listings for the best goods you can find online!

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