Best Nigerian dishes you should eat

Around the world, you can see certain countries stand out in terms of their cuisine. India, China, and Japan are nations with awesome cuisines. Nigeria has proven to be an underrated country in this aspect because they have an abundance of great food under the radar.

When you go to Nigeria and try out their food, you will realise that it is quite diverse. They have a varied yet rich culinary culture which is big for people who want to try out their best dishes. Nigeria does not just stick with one style because they use many ingredients and staples just to create certain dishes. 

If you have an explorative taste in food, you should try out Nigerian cuisine. Thankfully, FSG Online Shop is here to help you with your journey across Nigeria because the food is not only diverse but your tastes will also be satisfied. Now, let’s take a look at the best dishes Nigeria has to offer.

Jollof Rice

As one of the most popular dishes in Nigeria, jollof is eaten in every part of the country. You might wonder why it’s such a highly-rated dish, especially since the dish is made out of simple ingredients. The dish is composed of tomato, onion, pepper, and other spices. Sometimes, vegetables, chicken, beef, or fried fish are added. 

Jollof is smoky and spicy at the same time. However, you should expect a slight hint of sweetness from the tomatoes. It has multiple layers of flavour which makes it such an appealing dish for loads of people. You should know that Nigeria is not the only country that loves jollof because other parts of the West African region have also loved this food for a long time. 

Egusi Soup

Another popular dish in the country, egusi soup is known as one of the best dishes across the country. It has a unique texture and fluffiness to it which makes it stand out compared to other dishes in the country. It is made up of pumpkin, beef, African crayfish, and other ingredients. Since the dish has pumpkin as a central ingredient, you can expect the dish to have a mushy texture which makes it easy to eat.

The dish tastes more nutty, spicy, and rich. Since there is also a variety amongst the ingredients, you should expect this dish to have a terrific flavour because of the richness of the different ingredients.


This dish is Nigeria’s version of meat skewers that you see in other countries. Suya is a popular dish in the Nigerian market because it can be eaten almost anywhere. This food is mostly spicy but you can also get a hint of saltiness on the meat itself. 

Suya is typically served with cabbage, tomatoes, and onion which makes it have a richer taste. You should have fun with suya because you can eat it almost everywhere in Nigeria. It is also a popular dish in Sudan which has also embraced the dish.

Beans and plantain

In Nigeria, the combination of beans and plantain is one of the best dishes in the country. This is a special Nigerian delicacy that you should eat. It will be a good mix of sweet and salty tastes which makes it a powerful dish for the country. 

These are just some of the dishes that you can eat in Nigeria. Thankfully, you will have FSG Online Shop at your disposal if you want to try them out as well. Don’t forget to try these out because they are worth it.

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